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Thank you...

Trying a new salon can be so nerve wracking! It's like a first date is it not? So thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you. After you get your appointment scheduled be sure to check your email for a welcome message with more details to ensure our first visit is smooth sailing.

our first visit...

PARKING: Parking is a breeze at the Saturn Building! To access the lot take a left at Swell Restaurant. Ignore the time limits and enjoy free parking the duration of your appointment. Please make sure to watch for the restaurants reserved spots.

ENTERING THE BUILDING: There is a door by the parking lot and also on Evanston. Just hit *1478 and we'll buzz you in!

IN THE BUILDING: There is an elevator once your in the building. Take that up the 3rd floor. Take a right off the elevator. Please take advantage of the bathrooms that will be on your left side to wash you hands and prepare for you appointment as there is no bathroom inside the studio. You will come down the hall almost to the end and we're in unit 326. If the open sign is on the door please come in! If the door is locked have a seat next to the salon and we'll come grab you whenever the salon is ready for you. 

what do i book...

As a new guest, we'll require extra time for a thorough consultations and proper time to create your new look. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ADD THE NEW GUEST EXPERIENCE OPTION TO YOUR APPOINTMENT! After the initial service, your maintenance services will be aligned with the regular guest pricing. MY regular guest pricing is what you will find on my service menu.


Regular appointment pricing applies to clients who receive services ever 1-6 months. For clients wish to go 6 months or longer, new guest service timing and pricing will apply so that we can have enough time to reconnect and ensure we're on the same page.

If you are ever in doubt about what to book feel free to contact us through email! After you have booked your appointment I will double check timing and if everything looks good you'll get an approval text and your ready to go!

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