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Owner/Master Designer

"Her knowledge about hair textures, cuts, styling, and products was excellent and her suggestions worked wonderfully."-Lauren

The opportunity to become a hairstylist fell in my lap at 18 years old, I'm doing it all these years later because I feel there's no greater job on earth.

My journey in this industry began back in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I dreamed of living in a real city with a career where I could be creative with endless potential on how big I could grow it.

Since 2012, I have worked in some big sparkly salons in the Seattle area. What an experience going from a team of 12 to 50 for this Oklahoma stylist. Continuing to soak up all my experiences and knowledge, I made my initial core group of friends from these places. I knew I had landed at my home when I came to Seattle.

I created Kopa Hair Studio to not only give my guest a break from life, but also for stylist to have a safe, beautiful place that they can grow a scalable business. The designers of Kopa are treated with the same respect our paying guest are treated with and elevating the treatment of stylist in our industry is a huge priority to me.

My current guest love knowing I'll always go above and beyond to make an experience a memorable one. I'm continually growing and changing things to always bring the best to each person I work with. You're not on a hair conveyer belt here, you're a person and I want to hear your story.

Are you ready to start a relationship with a stylist? I'd love to connect with you and help you always feel your best. click below to book an appointment today!



Kopa's Furbaby

Mickie was born in a small town in Arkansas. He is 10 years old and loves people! You will most likely find him napping around the salon at your next appointment!

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